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More Traffic

How do I get more Traffic to my Website? This is the question I get all the time.  More Traffic

More Traffic

Better Conversions

Traffic is not everything! If you are not able to convert your traffic, then all effort is wasted.  Visitor → Customer

Visitor → Customer

Automatic Client Attraction Method

Find out more about my Automatic Client Attraction Method NOW!  Client Attraction

Client Attraction
Traffic - The Holy Grail of the Internet Better Conversions - or - From Visitor to Customer From total strangers to customers with my new Automatic Client Attraction Method

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More Traffic for your Website

More Traffic

More traffic to a website seems to be the holy grail of the internet. And there is a reason for it. The more visitors you have on your website, the more contacts and sales you are going to make. But how? There are many different methods, that can be applied, paid or free:
Get More Traffic

Visitor → Customer


But more traffic is not the only thing, a website owner should care about. It is also the conversion. Conversion means, how many of the visitors can be motivated to do a certain task. Making an order in case of a webshop or calling the company on the phone.
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Automatic Client Attraction Method

Client Attraction

This is the most interesting part: Getting a new client. If the 2 other parts are being done right, chances are, that the visitor is becoming a customer by paying in a webshop or picking up the phone, for an appointment, in case of an offline business:
Attract A Client

There are many sources of good web traffic - free or paid:

FREE Organic Traffic with Premium Content
Free Traffic Free traffic for a website is always the 1st step to new customers. Before investing in paid traffic, the website and the offer should be tested with organic methods. There is no use in investing in paid traffic, if the customers don't convert at a decent rate.
Talk to your future clients regularly with e-mail marketing
E-mail List Marketing Do you buy on the 1st offer? Probably not. And the same goes for many people. Converting a stranger into a customer in 1 try is an art form, most cannot perform. It is much easier to convince the customer over time. With automatic multiple emails.
Paid traffic with Google AdWords
Google AdWords Once your offer works, you can scale it. When Google invented AdWords in 2000, only a few business people understood, how valuable this method was. Nowadays many companies understand it. But be careful! It is not easy to use and has many traps.
Paid traffic with Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads For many products, Facebook Ads is a superb way to go. But it is not easy to master, since the prices per click vary hugely, depending on how you do it. It requires a lot of experience to get low prices per click and a good Return on investment.

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